Doing the job right from the start….

A number of KB building group customers call us in to fix problems associated with previous contractors poor workmanship or inexperience, the high importance of doing the job properly is not completely understood within the industry.

When constructing Controlled Environment facilities such as cool rooms or freezers, it is essential that you know what you are doing, because if it is done incorrectly many costly and dangerous problems can occur.There are techniques associated with constructing cool rooms and freezers that come with the experience of being in the industry for a long time.

Recently, KB building group was called in to repair a large freezer door threshold in which frost heave had occurred. Frost heave caused the freezer concrete slab to lift and fall apart. The freezer sliding door was frozen solid which created a dangerous situation with a potential risk of workers at the facility being trapped inside the freezer itself.

Cutting out a large section of concrete, installing new concrete, a new heat trace freezer frame, with a heated stainless steel threshold along with replacing new rubber gaskets was what KB building group had to do in order to fix the frost heave problem. The problem itself would not have occurred if the facility was built correctly from the start.

As a registered commercial builder and qualified carpenter by trade Kieran Brady, director at KB building group, leads a team of contractors through the process of building your controlled environment correctly, from design through to construction and for ongoing maintenance and repairs into the future.

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