Cool Room | Freezer Room | Food Facility

KB Building Group is the industry expert in the design, construction, repairs, maintenance & installation of commercial cool rooms. Whether you need a cool room specifically, or a freezer, food facility, clean room or ripening room KB building group can assist. With over 25 years of industry experience, we can build the perfect cool room for your business. We build temperature controlled and hygienic environments that are renowned for their quality and reliability.

The use of insulated panels in construction can be used across various temperature controlled environments:

  • Cold Storage/Freezer: -40oC to 0oC.
    – Used for the preservation of perishable products to maintain their quality nutritional value for long term storage. Rooms can include holding freezers and blast freezers.
  • Cool Rooms: 0oC to +5oC.
    – Used for short term storage or perishable products in order to maintain their quality and safety.
  • Food Processing Facilities: 10oC to 18oC.
    – Hygiene safe environments where open food is stored or prepared.

Our experience lies in the following industries and fields plus many more.

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