Building (travel) Dreams, the story of KB

Our family businesses have changed recently, you may have noticed we have a new & a revamped old location. Kieran & Kylie Brady (KB)’s businesses have combined into the one premises,building cool rooms and turning your travel dreams into reality. Our KB building group and KB 4 Travel & Cruise, factory office location is in Chelsea Heights, Melbourne, Victoria.

Our family business journey began over 15 years ago when Kieran started building cool rooms, he quickly became noticed in the industry as someone who does a quality job, on time and on budget. He stood out as a qualified carpenter and registered commercial builder who was onsite daily working with the boys to build cool rooms, freezers, food production facilities, ripening rooms and more, known as Brady IPS (insulated panel systems).

I had taken time off from working in mental health as a registered nurse and pharmaceutical representative to look after our 4 kids. As they all grew old enough and forged their own dreams at kinder and school,it was time to lend my hand to something I was passionate about.

Kieran and I had met when we both lived overseas and have always travelled, each year we would take one holiday to somewhere new and exciting, and this holiday was always heavily researched and methodically planned. At this point in time I have travelled to 56 countries and I am keen to grow this further into the future, so the travel industry seemed like an interesting adventure.

To become a travel agent, you obviously need a knowledge of travel, but you also have to study to gain a qualification. I studied with Travel Training Australia who provide a great course that is 100% online. Still wanting to support my family, I only wanted to work part time and the easiest way to do this was to start up my own business working from home, as KB 4 Travel. Soon after we discovered how good Cruising is for families, and I added Cruise into my name, now known as KB 4 Travel & Cruise.

At this time, Kieran also decided to rebrand himself, being the sole builder at Brady IPS, a business partnership, it was time to pave his own way and KB building group was born. We gained full ownership of his original business premises, and have been working hard on renovating it for it’s duel purpose as a travel agency office and commercial cool room builders factory warehouse.

The new signs are up and two small businesses have been combined into one premises. We both care about a quality product and quality service and both work hard to achieve this. As small business owners the care we take in performing our work is second to none, and this is something you won’t find using a big corporation of employees, we are individuals who run and work in and on our businesses. We are not paid staff, or board run, we don’t work for stock holders or algorithms we work for our family and to support our local community. We work to support our kids, to buy groceries and sports uniforms, to pay school fees and afford household bills and we work to keep our own travel dreams alive.

By supporting us in our small businesses we would like to extend our thanks to you. Come and visit us at Chelsea Heights, where building (travel) dreams is our specialty.

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